And away we go…

So I suppose this will be your typical “this is who I am and this is what my blog will be about” kind of post. If you’ve read my About Me section, you already have a pretty good idea. I guess we’ll start with the basics.

Hi, my name is Baillee. I’m 23. And I have not accomplished any of what I thought I would accomplish by now when I graduated high school. I was supposed to be an astrophysicist. Should have at least gotten my Bachelor’s by now and would be working toward my Master’s I suppose. Instead, I am the store manager of a small adult novelty in southern Louisiana. Not trying to complain about my job, I really do like it. And I can pay my bills. How many people my age without a degree can say they can pay their bills and actually enjoy what they do? Probably not a whole lot.

However, it is not what I intend to do for the rest of my life. My goal is to start my own business in 2012. It will be an online store where I sell the clothing, accessories, home decor and other items that I design and make. It’s still in the planning stages right now. Starting this business was my New Year’s resolution for 2011 and it just didn’t end up happening. But I am newly motivated and determined to get off my ass and make the life that I want for myself.

I’ve been an underachiever my entire life. I was that girl who had loads of potential and just didn’t apply herself. Not a lot has changed since high school. I’m still in retail but instead of a fabric shop, it’s a sex shop. And I’m the manager. Yay! But I want more for myself. I see how much I’ve changed in the last few years and even though I haven’t “achieved” anything that most people would find noteworthy, I see the person I am and how much I’ve grown and I can’t help but be proud of myself. That’s not to say I’ve fooled myself into thinking I’m done growing. My ultimate goal in life is to never grow up. Well, not finish growing up. I don’t ever want to be satisfied. I want to constantly seek new ways to grow as a person. New talents to acquire. New skills to learn. Have people to teach them to so that they can do the same.

I intend for this blog to be a chronicle of the learning, growing, and achieving I do. I intend for it to be a place to share my ideas, my creations, my thoughts on life. Perhaps one day I’ll post about the steps I have to take to get my business license. And the next day I’ll post the recipe for my famous Pizza Bowl. Or a crocheting pattern for something I created. Who knows. I don’t want my blog to be about any one topic or interest because nobody’s life revolves around one thing, or at least it shouldn’t. There’s so much I want to do, in the near future and the distant. I just started belly dancing, I should probably write about that from time to time. I’ll let you guys know when I can finally 3/4 shimmy because so far I can’t and it’s getting on my nerves!

Well I suppose that’s enough for now. I would love to write an entire post about the ideas I have so far for my business, but I don’t want them to be stolen from me. Perhaps I’ll keep them to myself for now. Anyways, much love and appreciation for taking the time to read about what’s going on in my life, and stay tuned!